Call for papers on Hispanic Undergraduate experiences!

October 10, 2008

Harvard Educational Review

Latino/a Students Undergraduate Experiences

Symposium in the Harvard Educational Review

Proposals due October 20, 2008

The editors of the Harvard Educational Review invite students, researchers, practitioners, administrators, and policymakers to submit proposals for manuscripts appropriate for publication in a forthcoming symposium that will focus on the undergraduate experiences of Latino/a students.

The symposium will focus on the experiences of Latino/as in higher education to call attention to the needs and interests of this growing population of students in the United States whose educational opportunities and successes will help determine the future of our nation. This symposium underscores our conviction that ensuring equality of opportunity as well as equality of success requires looking beyond the college gates to the experiences of students inside these institutions. We seek to inform educational policies, practices and future research that will help promote college access and persistence to degree for Latino/as as well as advance their individual development and learning.

We seek two types of submissions for this symposium:

  • Scholarly submissions may include qualitative or quantitative studies, theoretical pieces, or essays, and should not exceed 9,000 words. We ask scholars to include implications for policy and practice in post secondary education as well as K-12 schooling where applicable.
  • Personal essays by current or former Latino/a undergraduates should address important aspect(s) of their undergraduate experience, and should not exceed 3,000 words. We ask students to construct narratives that will be instructive to those wishing to have a positive impact on Latino/a student success.
We seek studies and commentaries on Latino/a students social and academic experiences in a variety of institutional contexts, including, but not limited to, two-or four-year institutions, Hispanic-serving institutions, historically black colleges, and predominantly white institutions.

Proposals of up to 500 words should be submitted, along with author CVs for scholarly submissions, by October 20, 2008 to Authors whose proposals are accepted will be invited to submit full manuscripts for consideration by February 18, 2009. Please direct all queries to


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