Hispanic College Student Trends

November 7, 2008










 Hispanic College Student Trends in 2006:


·         One in five Hispanic college freshmen are concerned about how to pay for their education.

·         The top reason for Hispanic students in chosing their college was financial assistance offered.

·         The number of Hispanic students attending college has increased, but the number of male students is steadily decreasing.

·         Hispanic college students are most likely to attend a school that is within a 50 mile radius of home, but the number of students going beyond the 50 mile radius is also increasing.

·         Of Hispanic students, 34.8% will apply to five or more colleges whereas the number of non-Hispanic students who will apply to five or more college is only 23%.


According to the Higher Education Research Institute at UCLA as cited in:


Debolt, D (2008, October, 16). Hispanic Freshman Report Being Increasingly Concerned About College

Costs. The Chronicle of Higher Education, Retrieved 10/17/2008, from http://chronicle.com/daily/2008/10/5156n.htm.


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