College Summit Helps Minority Students Get into College!

November 20, 2008


A child whose parents are college educated has a personal advisor to help him/her through the maze of college applications, applying for scholarships, deciding on the right school, and the confusion of applying for student financial aid. How then do first generation students get through the complication? Worse, a Hispanic first generation college student who has parents with no idea of the college process, no idea of the process here in the United States, and don’t speak the language?


J.B. Schramm is the founder of College Summit. College Summit is a nonprofit organization that provides assistance to minority students as they apply to college. Schramm remembers fellow high school students who were just as good as he was for a colelge education, but did not apply and did not go. In turn, he has helped many other students not lose motivation as they see their fellow friends not bother with higher education.


College Summit has partnerships with colleges to offer summer workshops for college seniors as well as supporting them throughout their senior year. They also hold an annual college fair. Students are usually recommended to the program by faculty who recognize them as good students but with lack of college aspiration or financial issues.


The Colllege Summit program has excellent results in that 79% of its students enroll in college and 80% graduate from college! Nationally, college enrollment has increased 4% between 2006-2008, but College Summit participating schools had an increase of 15% college enrollment.


College Summit focuses on four key points:

  • A high school diploma is not the final reward
  • College is not just for select students
  • Minority students typically turn to teachers, not college advisors, for college info
  • Students need to develop peer networks that pursue college education


College Summit will partner with colleges who in turn offer seminars and workshops to college students over an extended period of time that works with them on writing a college essay, breaking down college admissions costs, applying for financial aid, overcoming college entrance exams, and even seeing what a typical college course is all about.


Stern, G (2008).College summit-Helping minority students navigate the road to college. Hispanic Outlook.



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