According to the Education Department:


  • Of every 100 Hispanic children who enter kindergarten in the USA, 63 will graduate from High School and only 10 will obtain a Bachelor’s by the age of 29.

 According to the College Board:


  • Educational attainment has increased for all groups except Hispanics.

 According to Sallie Mae:


  • Among Hispanic students, 86% believe that college is an investment in their future.
  • Among Hispanic parents, 54% believe that college is an investment in their children’s future.
  • Among Hispanic families, 58% rule out certain colleges because of cost.
  • Hispanic students were more likely to consider living at home or attending a community college than White or African American parents in order to save on college costs.
  • Hispanic students were more likely to consider postponing college or attending college part time than White students.
  • Hispanic families were less likely (34%) to borrow for college costs than the total population (47%).
  • Of those Hispanic students who did take out educational loans, 49% stated that if the money had not been available they would have had to delay or not attend college whereas only 28% of White and 26% of African American students stated the same.


Hispanics and higher education fact sheet released by loan provider. (2008,

           September 17). Hispanic Outlook, p. 51.






NSHMBA has added the following universities to its University Partnership Program roster:

* University of Pittsburgh

* Ohio State University

* Chapman University

* University of San Francisco

* Rollins College

* University of New Mexico

The University Partnership Program helps Hispanic students pursuing their Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees in business by working with some 33 college partners to look at outstanding Hispanic student applications. In addition, the program has awarded more than $1.3 million in financial assistance for MBAs. For more information: